Friday Night Live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development
which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.


The California Friday Night Live Collaborative (CFNLC) is the body of county Friday Night Live Partnership program coordinators in California making a coordinated commitment to the mission and principles of Friday Night Live. The FNL system is the Collaborative. The CFNLC leadership team addresses areas of common concern, as well as provide support for the needs of program coordinators and staff.


The California Friday Night Live Collaborative (CFNLC) Leadership Team (LT) consists of representatives from each of the 6 CFNLC Regions. Each representative is elected by the county coordinators of that region and represents the interests of those counties. Leadership Team members represent the collaborative voice to inform policy, support competency, and provide direction to the Friday Night Live system.

Leadership Team Members:

     ✩ Region 1 ︳Heather Livingston, Mariposa County

     ✩ Region 2 ︳Lesa Rubalcava, Monterey County

     ✩ Region 3 ︳Megan Frauenheim, San Luis Obispo County

     ✩ Region 4 ︳April Hine, Glenn County

     ✩ Region 5 ︳Johanna Nowak-Palmer, Solano County

     ✩ Region 6 ︳Nancy Rivera, Napa County

CFNLC Regional Map transRegion ledgend