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which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.


The California Youth Council (CYC) is a statewide group of young people committed to raising awareness on youth issues. Young people are competent and capable citizens who have an interest in their community. High school and college age youth from all parts of California, with different opinions and experiences make up the CYC. The common thread that holds this diverse group together is all are committed to making positive change happen in their communities. As a CYC member, young people have opportunities to engage in statewide advocacy efforts, build next-level skills, develop and deliver relevant training to peers and adults throughout the state, and build meaningful relationships with youth and adults from across California. Youth development is not only discussed in CYC meetings, it is practiced!

Apply today to be a member of the California Youth Council!
Applications are due April 30th, 2020

Downloads: 2020-21 California Youth Council (FNL) Application (.pdf) | 2020-21 California Youth Council (FNL) Application (.dox) | California Youth Council Fact Sheet (2020)

   2019-2020 California Youth Council Members:

           ✩ Arly Chavez ︳Orange County

           ✩ Brandon Dunlap ︳Trinity County

           ✩ Carolina Reyes ︳Yolo County 

           ✩ Collin Lee ︳Fresno County

           ✩ Derek Lance ︳Solano County

           ✩ Gisselle Gonzalez-Perez ︳Los Angeles County

           ✩ Justin Mays ︳San Bernardino County

           ✩ Kristina Alonso ︳Sacramento County 

           ✩ Lily Vang ︳Fresno County

           ✩ Luke Shellen ︳Santa Cruz County  

           ✩ Mukt Sandhu ︳Solano County

           ✩ Nathan Pham ︳Orange County

           ✩ Tara Khanna ︳Solano County

           ✩ Tiffanie Phipps ︳Yolo County

           ✩ Veronica Lopez | Orange County

           ✩ William Latimer ︳Contra Costa County 

   California Youth Council Leadership Team:

           ✩ Janet Salcedo ︳Fresno County 

           ✩ Mario Ortiz ︳Los Angeles County 

           ✩ Tammy Van ︳Orange County

           ✩ Valerie Salazar ︳Fresno County