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Youth-targeted Alcohol Products

Alcoholic Energy Drinks (AEDs)

Not long after the initial wave of energy drinks swept through America, alcoholic energy drinks also hit the shelves of mini-marts everywhere. Alcoholic energy drinks are exactly what they sound like, energy drinks mixed with spirits… and dangerous! Since the rise in popularity of these dangerous drinks, young people have been educating adults and policymakers about the prevalence of these products and their dangerous appeal. Thanks to these efforts and the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) warnings to the creators of these drinks, alcoholic energy drinks have been disappearing from alcohol outlets. Unfortunately, these products are still available in some areas so Friday Night Live will continue to educate the public on the many health risks and social costs that alcoholic energy drinks pose. 

Download: Alcoholic Energy Drinks Flyer ︳Alcoholic Energy Drinks Background & Overview


Alcopops are the sweet, sugary alcoholic drinks designed to appeal to young people. Campaigns and materials have been developed by the California Youth Council and Friday Night.

"A third of all girls older than 12 have tried a popular new alcoholic beverage. Known as “girlie drinks” or “alcopops,” their sweet fruity flavor can’t conceal the negative health consequences. Companies market these “starter drinks” to appeal to girls and young women. Don’t be taken in."
- American Medical Association, Girlie Drinks (download)