Friday Night Live builds partnerships for positive and healthy youth development
which engage youth as active leaders and resources in their communities.


The FNL system has identified a list of program outcomes that are important, achievable, and measurable. These outcomes include process outcomes (or Standards of Practice), which articulate what types of experiences we want young people to have in our programs.

 ★ Download: Friday Night Live Standards of Practice

FNLClub Live 

Youth in Friday Night Live & Club Live programs will experience the following:

  • A Safe Environment
    • Physical Safety – to feel safe physically, free form the risk of harm.
    • Emotional Safety – to feel safe emotionally, to feel like they can be who they are.
  • Opportunities for Community Engagement
    • Knowledge of Community – to learn about their community and its resources.
    • Interaction / Interface with the Community – to interact and work with community members.
    • Communication with the Community – to communicate about the program or youth issues.
    • Contribution to the Community – to give back and serve the community.
  • Opportunities for Leadership & Advocacy
    • Decision-Making and Governance – to participate in decision-making and occupy leadership roles, such as staff or board roles.
    • Youth Voice – to learn to express their opinions constructively and to hear those of others.
    • Action – to take action on issues or projects they care about outside of the program – in the community, at school.
  • Opportunities to Build Caring & Meaningful Relationships with Peers & Adults
    • Peer Knowledge – to learn about their peers and build relationships with them.
    • Adult Knowledge / Guidance – to learn about the adult staff and build relationships with them.
    • Emotional Support – to feel supported emotionally by others in the program.
    • Practical Support – to feel like their practical needs are met by adult staff.
    • Sense of Belonging – to feel like they belong, like they matter to the group and its success.
  • Opportunities to Engage in Interesting & Relevant Skill Development Activities
    • Specific Skills – to develop and build specific skills through program activities.
    • Challenging and Interesting Activities – to engage in interesting and challenging activities.